Install Tips

Do Not Use Caulks or Sealants on the Collar!

IPS No Caulk Flashings truly do not require caulking or mastics.

Do not use petroleum base mastics, sealing compounds or paints on the collar portion of any and all IPS no caulk flashings. Using these products could damage the collar of the flashing and the collar will lose effectiveness.

The collar will achieve a water-tight seal onto the vent pipe on its own, without added sealants. For added protection, use a Rain Collar on top of the existing elastomer collar.

How to install or replace no caulk flashings

  1. Remove nails to loosen the shingles located directly above and on top of the existing flashing
  2. Lift or remove shingles until it is possible to remove the old flashing
  3. Loosen the nails from the flange of the existing flashing and remove the flashing
  4. Slide the new IPS flashing into place with the labeled end located down the slope of the roof
  5. Slide the top end underneath the shingles above, but leave the bottom end exposed to allow water to run smoothly down the slope of the roof
  6. Making sure the base of the flashing lay flat on the surface, nail down the base, at least at the top corners and sides
  7. For extra leak protection, seal over the nail heads on the flashing
  8. Insert and nail down shingles where removed from steps 1 and 2
  9. For any shingle lifted during the process, adhere to other shingles to avoid wind penetration
  10. Slide a rain collar on top of the existing collar for extra protection

How to quickly fix a leaking flashing

Use a Rain Collar to instantly repair leaks until a flashing can be replaced.